ScenaVR Marketing Partnership Program

It’s no secret we love taking the Matterport technology into the world of digital real estate marketing. We are also excited about using Matterport for businesses via the Google Maps API that upgrades the traditional 360-degree “fishbowl lens” Streetview tour with an interactive immersive 3D experience that Matterport produces. Matterport recently posted about this Google partnership in May of 2017. It is just starting to get rolling now. Here’s an excerpt:

So why does this matter? You will get high-quality image capture in a short amount of time with a lot of versatility. How’s that for efficiency? Through this new tool, photographers will be able to upload the captured content to an additional platform, as well as utilize Matterport’s ability to create and export photos, 3D file formats, and VR experiences. Just capture once and then publish in multiple media formats and to multiple platforms increases productivity ten-fold.

More efficiency translates into better service for customers and lowers costs per image capture compared to DSLR cameras and software stitching solutions. As a panoramic photographer and Matterport Service Partner, gone are the hours I spent stitching together disparate photospheres and linking constellations to publish to Google Street View. The Matterport process will be more efficient than the traditional panoramic photography workflow, stitching and moderating that many of us are accustomed to when creating a Google Street View virtual tour.


SUNNYVALE, Calif., May 9, 2017 — Immersive media technology company Matterport today announced a partnership with Google to enable the publication of immersive Matterport content to Google Street View. Starting this summer, owners of Matterport Spaces will be able to directly publish to Google Street View with the click of a button through the newly-launched Street View Publish API. The 3D scans will appear and be accessible almost instantaneously on Google Maps and in Google Search results, driving additional traffic to businesses’ websites.

ScenaVR is also opening a partnership to help those that are photography based businesses that do not offer backend marketing to their clients.

We offer complex Mattertag posts with either client supplied or created by us multimedia, we integrate into the top CRM systems or build one for them, we help internal marketing departments leverage Matterport assets or create Facebook, Linkedin & Google Adwords campaigns around the 3D teaser videos, we create YouTube walkthrough videos and hyper-local SEO landing pages. Basically where most MSPs stop their deliverables is where we start. We see the tours as a commodity and we are willing to revenue share with MSPs that want to offer their clients additional marketing with the hassle of fulfillment. We even have a program that allows you to give a “FREE” Matterport scan to earn realtor business & YOU STILL GET PAID!

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